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argan pitcher

  1. 100% Organic cosmetic oil is a far superior product than the RBD version.

  2. The RBD version is not considered a “natural ”organic product and cannot be ECOCERT Certified as such because:

    a) The RBD Argan oil is machine processed through activated mineral filters thus eliminating the vitamin E , Omegas 6 and 9 and most of the other essential oils which produce such positive results in skin and hair care.

    b) The RBD Argan oil is then chemically deodorized... doing same disqualifies the oil from organic / natural certificaiton.

Please take not that here should be only a very, slight, almost unnoticeable natural odor to organically pure Argan oil,…Please note that the only way organically pure Argan oil can retain a strong odor is if it is poorly filtered / processed due to unsanitary handling and/or a bad choice of the Argan kernels as such…Therefore you must purchase from a qualified ORGANIC certified producer such as For guaranteed quality results.