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MOROCCAN LIQUID GOLDMOROCCAN LIQUID GOLD,S.R.L. is a division of Bielous Holdings ltd. (Canada), registered company and trade name in the Dominican Republic, is well known throughout the world as suppliers for renowned cosmetic formulations and hair care products as well as a beauty care manufacturing centers.

We have been supplying 100% pure ORGANIC OIL to United States clients through our Miami based offices and to Canada from our offices in Montreal, Quebec and Canada as well as the Caribbean region along with our affiliated company as well as our Mornga Oliefera ,(Wonder Tree), derivatives, oil, powder, and seeds, etc.

We offer only genuine,100% organically Cetified pure Argan Oil for Cosmetic formulators and private label product processors.

Our 100% pure Cosmetic Argan Oil is ECOCERT CERTIFIED as are our Moringa tree derivatives.

Attention: Our Certified Argan oil is not a MACHINE REFINED, BLEACHED OR DEODERIZED, (RBD) PRODUCT which causes it to lose most of it’s valuable qualities,(vitamin E, Omega 6&9, plus other essential ingredients), rendering it virtually ineffective for natural skin and hair care…Please be aware of the unscrupulous dealers who offer the machine processed oil at exception prices….. Which is virtually useless and ineffective.

We repeat the RBD machine processed Argan Oil cannot be ECOCERT CERTIFIED as 100% pure Argan Oil!