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  • 100% pure Argan oil Is most affective in anti aging and eliminating wrinkles and dry skin… naturally, (forget about Botox).

  • Eliminates dry skin, skin rashes,, diaper rash, abrasions, stretch marks, sun burn, dry fingernails, cuticles and acne blemishes.

  • Body massages, aiding in circulation, arthritic/rheumatic pain and general relaxation.

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Organically pure Argan oil will eliminate the need for most, if not all of your skin and hair care products you now use … naturally!

A few drops go a loooong way…see u tube testimonials.

Please take note, cosmetics... latest sensational formulations ARGAN + MORINGA essential oils 'together'for a wide variety of hair and skin formulations...for the ageless...

100% pure Organic Argan and Moringa oils have been used for centuries in the pure for form as well as in cosmetic formulations in Europe and the rest of the world thereby making it much more effective and much faster in obtaining positive results ….

So we strongly suggest that you consider offering the pure form to your clients as 100% pure Argan and Moringa Oils is much more conducive to obtaining positive results,… as well as being much more cost effective in the long term as ….A few drops go a long way!

FORGET ABOUT BOTOX,… we recommend that ARGAN OIL be used in the PURE ORGANIC FORM, in very small amounts,… as a little goes a long way for one to realize faster and maximum ANTI AGING benefits from two of mother nature's most wondrous gifts... the Argan and Moringa tree oils and derivatives.

Youth is a wonderful thing , so why not hold on to it as long as you can.

A few drops go a long way!